About Halo Medical Services

The idea and reality of Halo Medical Services was realized on the 3rd of April, 2014
following several years of nurturing and modelling the thought. The company was conceived and implemented by a group of doctors.

The main reason for establishing the medical firm is to provide a comprehensive solution to all medically related issues ranging from prevention to treatment of common medical conditions at the comfort and convenience of the patient.

Over the period of its establishment, the company has gradually grown from strength to strenght because of the strong personal and strict work ethics on which it is established and managed. The services provided by our firm include:

  • Cooperate health screening
  • Building, setting up and management of hospitals, diagnostic centers and pharmacies
  • Recruitment of health professionals for hospital s, diagnostic centers and pharmacies (full time or part time)
  • Virtual health services and consultation
  • Health and safety training and management for companies
  • Medical Training services including first aid and health and safety training
  • Identify and prioritize healthcare needs for employees of cooperate institutions
  • Ambulance transport and field medical support and evacution
  • Medical Tourism
  • Health talks and seminars
  • DNA testing


To provide comprehensive solution to all health related issues especially in the area of preventive health


To be an internationally recognized medical consultancy known for its strict implementation of standard medical practices


Our company is staffed with highly trained and experienced employees. This comprises:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Emergency Physicians
  • Marketing Officers
  • Architects
  • Building Technologies


Dr. Hamza Asumah: CEO